Northwest Biotherapeutics Announces Completion of Phase 3 Trial Sites’ Databases

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BETHESDA, Md., July 24, 2020 – Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTCQB: NWBO)(“NW Bio”), a biotechnology company developing DCVax® personalized immune therapies for solid tumor cancers, today announced that the data collection from all of the clinical trial sites for the Company’s Phase 3 trial of DCVax®-L for Glioblastoma brain cancer (the “Trial”) has been completed and all of the sites have signed off on the locking of their data.

As noted in the Company’s prior reports, in order to reach overall data lock for the Trial, each site’s data must go through final collection, review, checking for queries, resolution of queries preparatory steps for locking the site and finally personal sign-off by the lead investigator at each site for that site’s data.  For that purpose, the lead investigator must undergo training on the system, review the site data, personally complete the confirmation and deliver it to the independent contract research organization (CRO) managing the Trial.

Reaching these personal sign-offs by each lead investigator at each of the Trial sites has been a key focus of activity towards data lock for the last couple of months, especially during June and July.  At the time of the Company’s last report near the end of June, about 30 Trial sites were in varying stages of progress towards sign-off, and about half a dozen Trial sites had not yet completed the preparatory steps necessary to begin the process towards such sign-off.

All of the Trial sites are now finished.  The independent CRO has obtained all of the investigator sign-offs for their site’s data lock.  The sites’ data includes all of the clinical data gathered in the Case Report Forms throughout the Trial, and now sit in a signed off, locked position with the CRO.

These datasets from each of the Trial sites (hospitals) are the largest component of the overall dataset for the Trial and contain most of the data.  The remaining information for the overall Trial dataset includes some analyses from specialized service providers who are separate from the Trial site hospitals.  Such analyses include, for example, genetic profiles such as IDH mutations.  For some of these analyses, it has been necessary to go back and obtain additional material due to the age of the samples.  For other analyses, it has been necessary to have the analyses done by two separate experts as a cross-check.

This process continues to be impacted by the effects of COVID-19, especially with the resurgence of COVID cases in many areas.  For example, key experts at certain specialized service providers have been unavailable for periods of time due to illness in their family.  Other experts have gone on extended leave due to restrictions on operations.  However, the CRO and the Company are working intensively with these vendors on a continuous basis to move as quickly as possible.

The Company currently anticipates that the remaining analyses by these specialty service providers will be completed within the next couple weeks.  When this external data joins the now locked data from the Trial sites, the overall Trial dataset will be locked.

Following completion of the Trial data lock, the independent statisticians will be given access to the raw data in the Trial database, and will undertake the calculations and the preparations of the Tables and Listings which provide the Trial results.  The Company anticipates that the statisticians’ work will take several weeks.

The Company will remain blinded throughout this period and will not become unblinded until the independent statisticians deliver the initial results to the Company.

When the Company receives the initial results, it will review the data and results with its Scientific Advisory Board, the Trial Steering Committee, and other key advisors.  During this process, any questions or comments from the experts will be addressed as part of the preparation of the results for public reporting.  The Company anticipates that these very important discussions with experts could take several weeks, especially with the significant logistical challenges due to COVID-related restrictions (which may be further increasing as the COVID resurgence grows).

In light of the significant progress reported here, together with the next steps in the process and the operational and logistical challenges, the Company currently anticipates that Trial results will be ready for reporting approximately sometime after Labor Day in the month of September.  The Company will be consulting with its Principal Investigator and experts on the appropriate venue and manner of presenting the Trial results.

The Company will also continue to provide progress reports as key milestones are reached.

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